Major Resources

Most of these are blogs, but there are news and educational sites as well.

Abbrev. Name URL
acc Ass. of Corp. Counsel
alley Ryan Alley
at Anticipate This
atp All Things Pros
anysun Anything Under the Sun
asialaw Asia Law
bb Bilski Blog (Fenwick & West)
bs Broken Symmetry (defunct)
cpip Ctr. for the Protection of IP
dd Daily Dose of IP
fc Fed Circus
fl Find Law
fog Fire of Genius
fr Fish & Richardson
gp Google Patents
iam Intellectual Asset Management Blog
ib Invent Blog
ipk IPKat
ips IP Spotlight
ipupdate IP Updates
ipw IP Watchdog
jpe Just An Examiner
law360 Law360
lclr Lewis & Clark Law Review
leagle Leagle
nytimes New York Times
ob Orange Book Blog
orrick Orrick IP Blogs
pb Patent Baristas
pd Patent Docs (pharma)
pdefined Patentably Defined
pli PLI
po Patently Obvious
ppod Patent Pod
pp Patent Prospector
ppg Patents Post Grant (Oblon Spivak)
promprog Promote the Progress
pzb 271 Blog (Peter Z.)
rip Rethink IP
sb SCotUS Blog

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